International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Supplement 4]

Special issue: Selected papers from the First International Conference on Advances in Mechanical Engineering (ICAME) (October, 2015)

From the Guest Editor

From the Guest Editor
2016, Supplement 4: From the Guest Editor

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Comparative study of Nusselt number for a single phase fluid flow using plate heat exchanger
Effect of combustion chamber geometry on performance, combustion, and emission of direct injection diesel engine with ethanol-diesel blend
Performance study of solar stills with various absorbing materials and a sensible heat storage medium
Use of antioxidant additives for NOx mitigation in compression ignition engine operated with biodiesel from annona oil
Application of thermal barrier coating for improving the suitability of Annona biodiesel in a diesel engine
Studies on orange oil methyl ester in diesel engine with hemispherical and toroidal combustion chamber
The influence of natural and synthetic antioxidant on oxidation stability and emission of sapota oil methyl ester as fuel in CI engine
Effect of L-ascorbic acid as additive for exhaust emission reduction in a direct injection diesel engine using mango seed methyl ester
Experimental studies on heat transfer and friction factor characteristics of a turbulent flow for internally grooved tubes
Two zone thermodynamic model for prediction of particulate matter emission from direct injection diesel engine
Effects of antioxidant additives on exhaust emissions reduction in compression ignition engine fueled with methyl ester of annona oil
Contraction of radiator length in heavy vehicles using cerium oxide nanofluid by enhancing heat transfer performance
Performance and combustion analysis of Mahua biodiesel on a single cylinder compression ignition engine using electronic fuel injection system
Influence of diethyl ether blend in spark ignition engine performance and emissions operated with gasoline and ethanol
Development of dielectric sensor to monitor the engine lubricating oil degradation
Numerical model and experimental validation of the heat transfer in air cooled solar photovoltaic panel
Performance analysis of compression ignition engine using rubber seed oil methyl ester blend with the effect of various injection pressures
Numerical investigation of airfoils for small wind turbine applications
Experimental and analytical investigation on the emission and combustion characteristics of CI engine fueled with tamanu oil methyl esters
Analysis of biogas production through anaerobics digestion using cow dung and various co-substrates
Experimental study on composite solid propellant material burning rate using algorithm MATLAB
Production of gaseous fuel from jatropha oil by cerium oxide based catalytic fuel reactor and its utilisation on diesel engine
Emission estimation of neat paradise tree oil combustion assisted with superheated hydrogen in a 4-stroke natural aspirated DICI engine
A simulation study of air flow in different types of combustion chambers for a single cylinder diesel engine
Numerical and experimental investigations of drag force on scaled car model
Heat transfer characteristics of Al2O3/water nanofluid in laminar flow conditions with circular ring insert
Performance and emission study on DICI and HCCI engine using raw pongamia oil and diesel
Reduction of harmful nitrogen oxide emission from low heat rejection diesel engine using carbon nanotubes
Experimental investigation of thermal barrier (8YSZ-TiO2-Al2O3) coated piston used in direct injection compression ignition engine
Investigations on synthesis, structural, surface morphological, optical, and thermal properties of copper oxide nanofluids