International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 16, year 2012, Issue 3]

Special Issue: "Sustainable development – challenge to use resources in a more efficient, way, integrating processes and reusing waste for energy production" containing in Part I a selection of papers presented at 2011 Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems

Words from the Editors

From the Editor-in-chief, issue 2012/3
From the Guest editors: Sustainable Development - Challenge to Use the Resources in a More Efficient Way, Integrating Processes, and Reusing Waste for Energy Production

Part One

Papers presented at 2011 Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
Geopolitics of climate change: A review
The importance of CO2 capture and storage: A geopolitical discussion
Recycling and recovery of post-consumer plastic solid waste in a European context
Making the results of bottom-up energy savings comparable
Role of the national energy system modelling in the process of the policy development
The potentional of renewable energy sources for greenhouse gases emissions reduction in Macedonia
The potential of natural gas as a bridging technology in low-emission road transportation in Germany
Potential of waste heat in Croatian industrial sector
Improvement of environmental aspects of thermal power plant operation by advanced control concepts
Exergy diagnosis of coal fired CHP plant with application of neural and regression modelling
Co-firing Bosnian coals with woody biomass: Experimental studies on a laboratory-scale furnace and 110 MWe power unit
Tactical techno-economic analysis of electricity generation from forest, fossil, and wood waste fuels in a heating plant
Fossil fuel savings, carbon emission reduction and economic attractiveness of medium-scale integrated biomass gasification combined cycle cogeneration plants
Analysis of the behaviour of biofuel-fired gas turbine power plants
A numerical evaluation of prediction accuracy of CO2 absorber model for various reaction rate coefficients
Study of the environmental performance of end-of-life tyre recycling through a simplified mathematical approach

Part Two

Original scientific papers
Optimization of the triple-pressure combined cycle power plant
Application and importance of cost-benefit analysis in energy efficiency projects implemented in public buildings: The case of Serbia
Assessment and potential use of concentrating solar power plants in Serbia and Republic of Srpska
Dynamic modeling of а heating system using geothermal energy and storage tank