International Scientific Journal

VOLUME 16 - YEAR 2012

Issue containing 27 original scientific papers and a Open Forum contribution
Special issue covering topics of fractal calculus, processes in nanofluids and different topics in energy technologies
Special Issue: "Sustainable development – challenge to use resources in a more efficient, way, integrating processes and reusing waste for energy production" containing in Part I a selection of papers presented at 2011 Dubrovnik Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems
25 original scientific papers with two "Open Forum" papers
Regular issue titled "Nanoscale Flow: Reliable, efficient, and promissing" with collection of over 60 new original refereed research papers by well established researchers in the field of applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, nanotechnology, and textile engineering.
Supplemental issue dedicated to issues of thermal science and it's relations to the energy and ecology systems.
Issue devoted to the 50th Anniversary of one of the most distinguished faculties of mechanical engineering in Serbia – Mechanical Engineering Faculty in Niš, University of Niš, Serbia