International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 16, year 2012, Supplement 1]

Supplemental issue dedicated to issues of thermal science and it's relations to the energy and ecology systems.

Words from the Editors

From the Editor-in-chief, Supplement 1, 2012

Original Scientific and Review Papers

Original Scientific and Review Papers
About the Serbian energy efficiency problems
European Energy Law and its impact on Serbia progress, perspectives and possibilities
Role of executive agencies for energy efficiency with a view on activities of Serbian Energy Efficiency Agency
New directions in development of city energy systems
Reasons for heat demand changes and effects on planning and development of heating systems
Assessment of species and quantity of biomass in Serbia and guidelines of usage
New technologies in the production of motor fuels from renewable materials
Comprehensive analysis of a straw-fired power plant in Vojvodina
Assessment of boiler’s operating performance in different energy sectors in the province of Vojvodina
Biomass gasification with CHP production: A review of state of the art technology and near future perspectives
Sustainable development, clean technology and knowledge from industry
In-grid solar-to-electrical energy conversion system modeling and testing
Applicability assessment of central and solar hot water systems integration in Serbia
DMS - basis for increasing of green distributed generation penetration in distribution networks
Hybrid artificial neural network system for short-term load forecasting
Covering of heating load of object by using ground heat as a renewable energy source
The development of simple calculation model for energy performance of double skin façades
Business process management in sustainable property/asset management by using the TotalObserver