International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 15, year 2011, Issue 3]

Regular issue with 27 original scientific papers

Original Scientific and Review Papers

Set of original scientific and review papers dealing with numerous thermal science related topics
Consumption of wood fuels in households in Serbia: Present state and possible contribution to the climate change mitigation
Solar energy based industrial applications at the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara
Experimental analysis of Scheffler reflector water heater
Comparison and assessment of electricity generation capacity for different types of PV solar plants of 1MW in Soko banja, Serbia
A performance analysis of solar chimney thermal power systems
Effect of variable frequency electromagnetic field on deposit formation in installations with geothermal water in Sijarinjska spa (Serbia)
A new hybrid algorithm for solving transient combined conduction radiation heat transfer problems
Reconstruction of the aero-mixture channels of the pulverized coal plant of the 100MW power plant unit
Numerical simulation of multiphase flow in ventilation mill and channel with louvers and centrifugal separator
The thermal history and stress state of a fresh steam-pipeline influencing its remaining service life
Energy savings and emission reductions in industrial boilers
Influence of upstream flow characteristics on the reattachment phenomenon in shallow cavities
Waste heat potentials in the drying section of the paper machine in Umka Cardboard Mill
Convective heat and mass transfer in a non-Newtonian-flow formation in Couette motion in magnetohydrodynamics with time-varing suction
Experimental investigation and CFD analysis of a air cooled condenser heat pipe
Evaporation of a binary liquid film by forced convection
Time to flashover of a vinyl based lining material: Cone calorimeter experiments
Effect of operating conditions on the performance of the bubble pump of absorption-diffusion refrigeration cycles
Experimental investigations on the cooling of a motorcycle helmet with phase change material (PCM)
CFD simulation of length to diameter ratio effects on the energy separation in a vortex tube
Free convective oscillatory flow and mass transfer past a porous plate in the presence of radiation for an optically thin fluid
Multi-relaxation-time Lattice Boltzman model for uniform-shear flow over a rotating circular cylinder
Mixed convection inside nanofluid filled rectangular enclosures with moving bottom wall

Open Forum

Open discussion papers related to the issues of binary mixtures and interesting questions of environmental energy.
Practical data correlation of flashpoints of binary mixtures by a reciprocal function: The concept and numerical examples
Can polar bear hairs absorb environmental energy?