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Thermal Science Archive [volume 15, year 2011, Issue 2]

24 original scientific papers and an "Open Forum" paper discussing the topics of carbon nanotubes

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Original Scientific Papers

The effect of pollutant emission from district heating systems on the correlation between air quality and health risk
Numerical simulation of a premixed turbulent V-shaped flame
Computationally intelligent modeling and control of fluidized bed combustion process
A new curve for temperature-time relationship in compartment fire
Mass transfer control of a backward-facing step flow by local forcing-effect of Reynolds number
Numerical prediction of heat transfer phenomena from a chip assembly for low Reynolds number
Flow and heat transfer characteristics downstream of a porous sudden expansion: A numerical study
Heat transfer performance of an oil jet impinging on a downward-facing stainless steel plate
Buoyancy heat transfer in staggered dividing square enclosure
Effect of discrete heater at the vertical wall of the cavity over the heat transfer and entropy generation using LBM
Numerical analysis of natural convection in a prismatic enclosure
Experimental investigation on the performance of thermosyphon solar water heater in the South Caspian Sea
Numerical simulation of the air flow around the arrays of solar collectors
Experimental study of centrifugal humidifier fitted in an industrial shed located in tropical climates
Effects of thermal radiation and heat transfer over an unsteady stretching surface embedded in a porous medium in the presence of heat source or sink
Thermal instability of compressible Walters’ (Model B′) fluid in the presence of Hall currents and suspended particles
Influence of slip condition on peristaltic transport of a viscoelastic fluid with fractional Burger’s model
Effect of radiation and porosity parameter on magnetohydrodynamic flow due to stretching sheet in porous media
Hall-current effects on unsteady MHD flow between stretching sheet and an oscillating porous upper parallel plate with constant suction
Elastic-plastic transition stresses in rotating cylinder by finite deformation under steady state temperature
Numerical and experimental aspects of thermally induced vibration in real rotors
Thermal stress analysis of a hybride structure with cracks in the matrix (resin) composite material

Open Forum

Open discussion concerning unsolved or intriguing fundamental questions about physical background of the engineering problems we are facing every day in research and engineering practice.
Investigation of thermal conductivity of single-wall carbon nanotubes