International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 15, year 2011, Issue 1]

24 original scientific papers and an "Open Forum" brief note related to the heat flow with arbitrary heating rates problem.

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From the Editor-in-Chief (2011/1)

Original Scientific Papers

Computational fluid dynamics calculations of waste-to-energy plant combustion characteristics
Industrial gas turbine operation procedure improvement
Thermodynamic analysis and simulation of a new combined power and refrigeration cycle using artificial neural network
Exergoeconomic optimization of gas turbine power plants operating parameters using genetic algorithms: A case study
Influence of nanofiltration pretreatment on scale deposition in multi-stage flash thermal desalination plants
A theoretical and numerical study of thermosolutal convection: stability of a salinity gradient solar pond
Finite element method analysis of pipe material temperature changes influence on line expansion loops in hydraulic installations on modern tankers
Lowering uncertainty in crude oil measurement by selecting optimized envelope color of a pipeline
Prediction of gas-particle partitioning of PAHs based on M5’ model trees
Experimental examination of sulphur dioxide separation from mixture of gas in dry procedure with the aid of calcium carbonate
Determining the composition of high temperature combustion products of fossil fuel based on variational principles and geometric programming
Adaptation of n-heptane autoignition tabulation for complex chemistry mechanisms
The influence of acoustic field and frequency on hydrodynamics of group B particles
Numerical heat transfer studies of a latent heat storage system containing nano-enhanced phase change material
Numerical and experimental investigation of heat transfer of ZnO/Water nanofluid in the concentric tube and plate heat exchangers
Thermal characteristics of grooved heat pipe with hybrid nanofluids
Finite difference simulation of low carbon steel manual ARC welding
Determining the optimum orientation of a greenhouse on the basis of the total solar radiation availability
Fenestration peak solar heat gain: A review of the cloudless day condition as conservative hypothesis
Investigation of maize cobs crushing: Preparation for use as a fuel
Simulation of turbulent flow and heat transfer over a backward facing step with ribs turbulators
Numerical study of transient three-dimensional heat conduction problem with a moving heat source

Open Forum

Open discussion concerning unsolved or intriguing fundamental questions about physical background of the engineering problems we are facing every day in research and engineering practice.
Brief note on heat flow with arbitrary heating rates in a hollow cylinder