International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 12, year 2008, Issue 3]

From the Editor-in-chief, issue 2008-3
Simulation of absorption refrigeration system for automobile application
Experimental analysis of fuzzy controlled energy efficient demand controlled ventilation economizer cycle variable air volume air conditioning system
Flow boiling heat transfer coefficient of R-134a/R-290/R-600a mixture in a smooth horizontal tube
Thermodynamic simulation of ammonia-water absorption refrigeration system
Carbon dioxide as the replacement for synthetic refrigerants in mobile air conditioning
Conjugated heat transfer analysis of gas turbine vanes using MacCormack's technique
Geometric optimization of cross-flow heat exchanger based on dynamic controllability
Heat transfer studies on spiral plate heat exchanger
Experimental study on the performance limitation of micro heat pipes of non circular cross-sections
Kelvin-Helmholtz discontinuity in two superposed viscous conducting fluids in a horizontal magnetic field
Energy savings with the effect of magnetic field using R290/600a mixture as substitute for CFC12 and HFC134a
Saving energy through improving convection in a muffle furnace
Dimensioning and efficiency evaluation of hybrid solar systems for energy production
Analytical thermal modeling of double slope solar still by using inner glass cover temperature
Productivity enhancement of stepped solar still: Performance analysis