International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 20, year 2016, Issue 1]

Regular issue: 34 original scientific and Open Forum papers

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Post-electrospinning crosslinking of guar/polyvinyl alcohol membrane
New methods to provide exact solutions for some unidirectional motions of rate type fluids
Mixed convection boundary-layer flow of a micro polar fluid towards a heated shrinking sheet by homotopy analysis method
Numerical analysis of mixed convection in pulsating flow for a horizontal channel with a cavity heated from below
New methods to cope with temperature elevations in heated segments of flat plates cooled by boundary layer flow
Modeling the cooling performance of vortex tube using a genetic algorithm-based artificial neural network
Numerical study of the structure of thermal plume in a vertical channel: Effect of the height of canal
Effect of working fluids and internal diameters on thermal performance of vertical and horizontal closed-loop pulsating heat pipes with multiple heat sources
Heat transfer enhancement with elliptical tube under turbulent flow TiO2-water nanofluid
Experimental investigation of subcooled flow boiling of water/TiO2 nanofluid in a horizontal tube
Optimization of nanofluid-cooled microchannel heat sink
Rayleigh Taylor instability in dusty magnetized fluids with surface tension flowing through porous medium
Experimental investigation of evaporation enhancement for water droplet containing solid particles in flaming combustion area
Heat transfer modelling of two-phase bubbles swarm condensing in three - phase direct - contact condenser
Thermal and electrical energy yield analysis of a directly water cooled photovoltaic module
Outdoor testing of photovoltaic modules during summer in Taxila, Pakistan
Performances of packed bed double pass solar air heater with different inclinations and transverse wire mesh with different intervals
Numerical investigation of the effect of insulation on heat transfer of thermal bridges with different types
The comparison of the energy performance of hotel buildings using PROMETHEE decision-making method
Experimental determination of tunnel ventilation axial ducted fan performance
The influence of electric ARC activation on the speed of heating and the structure of metal in welds
Analysis of the tool plunge in friction stir welding - comparison of aluminium alloys 2024 T3 and 2024 T351
Analysis of grease contamination influence on the internal radial clearance of ball bearings by thermographic inspection
The effect of fuel pyrolysis on the coal particle combustion: An analytical investigation
Coupling model and solving approach for performance evaluation of natural draft counter-flow wet cooling towers
Performance improvement of a 330MWe power plant by flue gas heat recovery system
Risk management of energy efficiency projects in the industry - sample plant for injecting pulverized coal into the blast furnaces
Energy and exergy efficiency of heat pipe evacuated tube solar collectors
Development of a simplified model for droplet vaporization
Numerical comparison of viscosity models on mixed convection in double lid-driven cavity utilized CuO-water nanofluid

Open forum

Open Forum Contributions
A short remark on Stewart 1962 variational principle for laminar flow in a uniform duct
The numerical thermodynamic analysis of Otto-Miller Cycle (OMC)