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Thermal Science Archive [volume 19, year 2015, Issue 3]

Regular Issue: Original scientific papers and Open Forum contributions

Original Scientific Papers

Original Scientific Papers
Status of Croatia’s energy sector framework: Progress, potential, challenges and recommendations
Impact of new power investments up to year 2020 on the energy system of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Development of wood pellets market in South East Europe
Determining the reliability function of the thermal power system in power plant "Nikola Tesla, Block B1"
Thermal analyses of the lignite combustion in oxygen-enriched atmosphere
Contribution to the development of the simulation model for the rotary cap burner in the marine steam boiler
Biomass production as renewable energy resource at reclaimed Serbian lignite open-cast mines
Impact of daily variation of solar radiation on photovoltaic plants economy at the open market: A case study "Bavanište" (Serbia)
Correlation between the morphology of unheated staircase and energy performance of residential buildings
Geothermal concept for energy efficient improvement of space heating and cooling in highly urbanized area
Energy performance modelling and heat recovery unit efficiency assessment of an office building
Optimization of heat saving in buildings using unsteady heat transfer model
The impact of clerestory lights on energy efficiency of buildings
Energetic and exergetic analyses of carbon dioxide transcritical refrigeration systems for hot climates
Study on thermal properties of synthetic and bio-based polyurethane
Experimental investigation of rockwool insulation hygrothermal properties related to material structure
Thermal behavior of premises equipped with different alveolar structures
Thermal properties of flax fiber scoured by different methods
Diffusion models of heat and momentum with weakly singular kernels in the fading memories: How the integral-balance method can be applied?
Fractal boundary value problems for integral and differential equations with local fractional operators
Influence of void ratio on phase change of thermal energy storage for heat pipe receiver
Large-scaled simulation on the coherent vortex evolution of a jet in a cross-flow based on lattice Boltzmann method
Experimental approach to investigate the dynamics of mixing coolant flow in complex geometry using PIV and PLIF techniques
Effect of an inserted porous layer on heat and fluid flow in a vertical channel with mixed convection
New similarity solution of boundary layer flow along a continuously moving convectively heated horizontal plate by deductive group method
An approach to obtain the heat transfer coefficient of aqueous sucrose solutions in agitated boiling vessels
Radiation effects on an unsteady MHD natural convective flow of a nanofluid past a vertical plate
An application of safety analysis technique for thermal optimization of a paper machine
Numerical study of melting in an annulur enclosure filled with nano-enhanced phase change material
A review on analytical techniques for natural convection investigation in a heated closed enclosure: Case study
Numerical investigation of the effect of the insulation thickness on the degree of nonuniformity of the billet temperature
A mathematical model and simulation of the drying process of thin layers of potatoes in a conveyor-belt dryer

Open Forum

Open Forum Contrinutions
Kandlikar third number map for flow boiling in micro-channels and micro-gravity
Approximate expressions for the logarithmic mean void fraction