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Heat transfer enhancement during melting in a two-dimensional cylindrical annulus through dispersion of nanoparticle is investigated numerically. Paraffin-based nanofluid containing various volume fractions of Cu is applied. The governing equations are solved on a non-uniform O type mesh using a pressure-based finite volume method with an enthalpy porosity technique to trace the solid and liquid interface. The effects of nanoparticle dispersion into pure fluid as well as the influences of some significant parameters, namely, nanoparticle volume fraction and natural convection on the fluid flow and heat transfer features are studied. The results are presented in terms of streamlines, isotherms, temperatures and velocity profiles and dimensionless heat flux. It is found that the suspended nanoparticles give rise to the higher thermal conductivity as compared to the pure fluid and consequently the heat transfer is enhanced. In addition, the heat transfer rate and the melting time increases and decreases, respectively, as the volume fraction of nanoparticle increases.
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2015, VOLUME 19, ISSUE Issue 3, PAGES [1067 - 1076]
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