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Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Supplement 4]

Supplement 4 - ENERGY EFFICIENCY IN BUILDINGS: Selected set of papers presented at the 1st International Conference on Buildings, Energy, Systems, and Technology (BEST 2016), Belgrade, November 2-4, 2016

From the Editors-in-Chief

Introductory words from the Editors-in-Chief

From the Guest Editor

Introductory words from the Guest Editor
Energy efficiency in buildings research perspectives and trends

Sustainable Buildings, Urban Climate, and Environment

Simplified calculation method of annual incoming solar energy on tilted and oriented surfaces for the Carpathian basin
Safe healthcare facilities: Their place and role in resilient cities
Theory and smart practice in the reduction of negative effects of urban heat island
The impact of the building envelope with the green living systems on the built environment
Environmentally-based structural design criteria for buildings
Experimental study on reducing temperature using modular system for vegetation walls made of perlite concrete
Regional hospitals in humid tropical climate: Guidelines for sustainable design

Energy Performance Assessment of Buildings

The analysis of solar gains calculation methodology defined in SRPS EN ISO 13790, through the use of software for numerical simulation
Daylight utilisation potentials of highly glazed individual office spaces in Belgrade climate condition
On the limits of the quasi-steady-state method to predict the energy performance of low-energy buildings
E(nergy) p(erformance) c(ertificate) of buildings and dwellings: Influence of disposition and orientation
The thermal behavior of rammed earth wall in traditional house in Vojvodina: Thermal mass as a key element for thermal comfort

Operational Performance and Management of Buildings

Optimal placement of photovoltaic systems from the aspect of minimal power losses in distribution network based on genetic algorithm
Potentials for improving energy performance of multifamily housing blocks connected to the district heating system
Possibilities for the use of geothermal energy in new residential buildings in Serbia, case study: Urban blocks in city of Kragujevac
Analysis of electric power production results in South Serbia: Recommendations for improvement of operation of first mini photovoltaic power plants
Energy consumption and CO2 emission reductions trough refurbishment of residential buildings’ roofs by applying the green roof system: Case study
Assessment of decarbonization scenarios for the residential buildings of Serbia
Development for CO2 emissions reduction by the use of solar thermal collectors in the process of urban planning

Economics, Financing, and Smart Buildings

Health monitoring modular panel: Interface design and evaluation
Assessing the sustainability of Serbian school buildings by analyse and syntesis parameters under information deficiency method
Energy refurbishment of public buildings under cultural heritage protection in Serbia: Constraints and potentials
Integration of the energy efficiency into the local development strategies