International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 11, year 2007, Issue 2]

Special issue dedicated to the topic of FIRE.
Application of upward flame spread for the prediction of SBI and ISO room corner (and parallel wall) experiments and classification
Effect of char layer on transient thermal oxidative degradation of polyethylene
The effect of surface regression on the downward flame spread over a solid fuel in a quiescent ambient
Oxidation stability and risk evaluation of biodiesel
Recommendation of tests for assessing flame spread of materials in Hong Kong
An inverse Stefan problem relevant to boilover: Heat balance integral solutions and analysis
Comparison of calculation methods for smoke and heat evacuation for enclosure fires in large compartments
Test of total heat flux from wood crib fire in and outside compartment
Fire safety case study of a railway tunnel: Smoke evacuation
Methodology of using CFD-based risk assessment in road tunnels
Numerical simulation of fire spread in terminal 2 of Belgrade airport