International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 10, year 2006, Issue 4]

Special issue dedicated to Energy Efficiency in Serbia (National Energy Efficiency Program - Strategy and Priorities for the Future)
Energy efficiency in Serbia national energy efficiency program: Strategy and priorities for the future
An increase of hydro-aggregate's installed power and efficiency factor before the revitalization phase
Adaptive computer supported surveillance-management model of dewatering system at coal open pit mine
Monitoring and diagnostics of power transformer insulation
Performance of falling film plate evaporators in reconstructed multiple-effect evaporation station in sugar factory
New concept of electrical drives for paper and board machines based on energy efficiency principles
Energy savings for residential heating in two pairs of buildings achieved by implementation of actually consumed energy measuring
Investigations of combustion process in combined cooker-boiler fired on solid fuels
Development and designing of machines and technologies for briquette and pellet manufacturing by dry and wet process
Vlasina wind project: Results and perspectives
Development and investigation of solar collectors for conversion of solar radiation into heat and/or electricity
Efficiency and emission of crop residues combustion facilities in Serbia: Status and needed measures for improvement
Dynamic analysis of temperature and heat gains in classrooms with different type of windows
Fuel efficiency of conventional design tractors diesel engines in relation to new design