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Variability of carbon emission factors from lignite of the Kostolac basin in time

This paper presents experimental tests of lignite from the Kostolac open-pit mine, used to operate the boiler of the Kostolac B2 thermal power plant in 2022. Experimental tests were conducted to determine the emission characteristics and carbon emission factor and compare these values with those taken and determined in 2016. A total of 31 samples taken in April 2022 were tested. As with our previous work, the experimental methodology includes proximate analysis, ultimate analysis and determination of calorific value, for the 'as received', 'as determined' and dry basis. Corresponding correlations were established for the tested Kostolac lignite. The emission characteristics of the Kostolac lignite from 2022 were compared with the corresponding values from 2016. Certain changes in the values of the carbon emission factor over time are a regular phenomenon and therefore periodic sampling and experimental determinations are inevitable to follow the changes in the values. For this change in coal properties, new values for the carbon emission factor are proposed, which should be used to calculate the total carbon dioxide emissions in the last period.
PAPER REVISED: 2023-10-21
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-10-31
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