International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 22, year 2018, Supplement 3]

Supplement 3 - Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

From the Guest Editors

Preface from the guest editors
From the Guest Editors (2018/Suppl-3): Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency

Original scientific papers on the subject of Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency
Occupant behavior and thermal comfort field analysis in typical educational research institution: A case study
Dynamic model of a self-excited induction generator with fundamental stray load and iron losses
A novel method for prediction of gas turbine power production: Degree-day method
Analysis of environmental aspects affecting comfort in commercial buildings
Geographic and technical floating photovoltaic potential
Analysis of a novel high performance induction air heater
Performance assessment of shell and tube heat exchanger based subcritical and supercritical organic Rankine cycles
A simplified engineering method for a T-joint welding simulation
Visual comfort considered light control methods for energy efficient office buildings: A case study
Comparison of the reactive control strategies in low voltage network with photovoltaic generation and storage
An empirical survey on the awareness of construction developers about green buildings in Macedonia
The effectiveness of an internet of things-aware smart ventilated insulation system
Energy and thermal modeling of building façade integrated photovoltaics
Energy and economic analysis of an auditorium’s air conditioning system with heat recovery in various climatic zones
Thermal extras of vegetation walls in Belgrade climatic conditions
Enhancing energy performance certificates with energy related data to support decision making for building retrofitting