International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 12, year 2008, Issue 2]

From the Editor-in-Chief, issue 2008/2
Thermal management of electronics: A review of literature
Empirical correlations to predict thermophysical and heat transfer characteristics of nanofluids
Element free Galerkin method for transient thermal analysis of carbon nanotube composites
Effects of different mean velocity ratios on dynamics characteristics of a coaxial jet
Measurement of phase interaction in dispersed gas-particle two-phase flow by phase-doppler anemometry
Energy and exergy analysis of counter flow wet cooling towers
Two-dimensional modeling of water spray cooling in superheated steam
Numerical study of combined convection heat transfer for thermally developing upward flow in a vertical cylinder
Thermal and hydrodynamic characteristics of forced and mixed convection flow through vertical rectangular channels
Determination of thermal conductivity of rocks samples using fabricated equipment
A numerical study of flow and temperature fields in circular tube heat exchanger with elliptic vortex generators
Thermal behavior of sewage sludge derived fuels
Spontaneous ignition of biodiesel: A potential fire risk
Influence of biodiesel on injection, fuel spray, and engine characteristics
Particulate matters from diesel engine exhaust emission