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A new class of a-stable numerical techniques for odes: Application to boundary layer flow

The present attempt is made to propose a new class of numerical techniques for finding numerical solutions of ODEs. The proposed numerical techniques are based on interpolation of a polynomial. Currently constructed numerical techniques use the additional information(s) of derivative(s) on particular grid point(s). The advantage of the presently proposed numerical techniques is that these techniques are implemented in one step and can provide highly accurate solution and can be constructed on fewer amounts of grid points but has the disadvantage of finding derivative(s). It is to be noted that the high order techniques can be constructed using just two grid points. Presently proposed fourth-order technique is A-stable but not L-stable. The order and maximum absolute error are found for a fourth-order technique. The fourth-order technique is employed to solve the Darcy-Forchheimer fluid flow problem which is transformed further to a third-order nonlinear boundary value problem on the semi-infinite domain.
PAPER REVISED: 2020-01-24
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-02-07
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