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Analytical and numerical treatment to study the effects of hall currents with viscous dissipation, heat absorpation and chemical reaction on peristaltic flow of Carreau nanofluid

The peristaltic flow of Carreau nanofluid with heat and mass transfer through porous medium inside a symmetric horizontal channel with flexible walls is investigated. The Hall currents with viscous dissipation, heat absorption and chemical reaction are considered, the system is stressed by a uniform strong magnetic field. The problem is modulated mathematically by a system of non linear partial differential equations which describe the motion, heat and nanoparticles phenomenon of the fluid. These equations with subjected boundary conditions are transferred to a dimensionless form and simplified under the assumptions of long wavelength and low Reynolds number, then solved analytically by using perturbation technique for small Weissenberg number. In other word these equations are solved also numerically by using Rung-Kutta-Merson method with Newton iteration in a shooting and matching technique. The effects of the emerging physical parameters of the problem on the velocity, temperature and nanoparticles phenomena are discussed numerically for both techniques used for solutions and illustrated graphically through a set of figures. It is found that this problem play a dramatic role in controlling the solutions. A comparison between the obtained solutions from both methods is made.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-06-26
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-07-07
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