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A special interpretation of the concept "constant breadth" for a space curve

The definition of curve of constant breadth in the literature is made by using tangent vectors, which are parallel and opposite directions, at opposite points of the curve. In this study, normal vectors of the curve, which are parallel and opposite directions are placed at the exit point of the concept of curve of constant breadth. And in this study, on the concept of curve of constant breadth according to normal vector is worked. At the conclusion of the study, is obtained a system of linear differential equations with variable coefficients characterizing space curves of constant breadth according to normal vector. The coefficients of this system of equations are functions depend on the curvature and torsion of the curve. Then is obtained an approximate solution of this system by using the Taylor matrix collocation method. In summary, in this study, a different interpretation is made for the concept of space curve of constant breadth, the first time. Then this interpretation is used to obtain a characterization. And as a result, this characterization we've obtained is solved.
PAPER REVISED: 2018-12-20
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-01-05
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