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Investigation of effects on heat transfer and flow characteristics of Cr-Ni alloy and aluminum pins placed in AISI 304 tube

In this study, the effects of cylindrical aluminum and Cr-Ni alloy pins placed in different arrangements on the inner wall of the pipe in the turbulent flow, the effects of heat transfer and flow characteristics on different Reynolds numbers have been experimentally investigated. The experiments were carried out under forced flow and constant heat flow conditions. Air is preferred as the fluid and the fluid velocity is adjusted between Re 10000 and 50000. It has been observed that the Nusselt values obtained over the number of Re for the 5 different test tubes are arranged in a line from large to small, sequential row aluminum pin , sequential row Cr-Ni alloy pin, diagonal row aluminum pin, diagonal row Cr-Ni alloy pin, plain tube. There are also CFD analysis for each material, arrangements and pins geometry sets. On the other hand, it was determined that friction coefficient is directly proportional to the increase of heat transfer coefficient. As a result, it is observed that experimental results are compatible with both literature and numerical study.
PAPER REVISED: 2018-10-22
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2018-10-24
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