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The use of organic zeotropic mixture with high temperature glide as a working fluid in medium-temperature vapour power plant

The paper presents first the idea of using organic substances as working fluids in vapour power plants, in order to convert the low and medium temperature thermal energy sources into electrical energy. The next part of the work shows the calculation results of the power plant efficiency for butane-ethane zeotropic mixtures of different mass compositions, for the power plant supplied with hot water having a temperature of 120°C. Based on the results of thermal-flow calculations it was found that the use of zeotropic mixture does not allow to increase the efficiency and output of the power plant (these values appeared as slightly lower ones). However, it was found that, through the selection of a mixture of sufficiently large temperature glide, the heat exchange surface of the condenser can be reduced or a co-generation system can be implemented.
PAPER REVISED: 2016-03-03
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2016-03-19
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