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In this study heat transfer and fluid flow analysis in a wavy channel is numerically studied, while a magnetic field is applied in transverse direction to the main flow stream. Recently in a numerical study, we have observed that usage of wavy channel instead of straight one enhances heat exchange between the core flow and hot walls. On the other hand, the usage of magnetic field transverse to hot walls can enhance heat transfer in a straight channel. In this paper, we would like to examine if presence of these two methods simultaneously is useful for enhancement of heat exchange. For this purpose, the governing equations are numerically solved in the domain by the control volume approach based on the SIMPLE technique. Numerical studies are performed over a range of Reynolds number, Hartmann number, and the wave amplitude. From this study, it is concluded that heat transfer in channels can be enhanced by the usage of magnetic field or usage of wavy channel instead of a straight one. But simultaneous usage of magnetic field and wavy channel is not recommended.
PAPER REVISED: 2015-12-09
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2015-12-23
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