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Numerical model and experimental research of a new two-tier micro-flame combustor for gas turbines

The study of a novel two-tier micro-flame combustor for gas turbines involved comprehensive modeling using SolidWorks and Ansys Fluent software packages, alongside physical experiments. Analysis of airflow velocities, pressures, temperatures within the combustion chamber, and NOx emissions led to several key findings. SolidWorks modeling confirmed stabilized airflow and uniform pressure distribution, enhancing fuel combustion. Optimal airflow velocities (15 and 30 m/s) for different operating modes were determined, highlighting the importance of airflow regulation. Ansys Fluent analysis revealed efficient mixing of the fuel-air mixture through the device's two tiers. The analysis of NOx emissions confirmed compliance with regulatory standards, up to 15 ppm. These results underscore the efficiency and stability of the combustor, making a significant contribution to the advancement of gas turbines while meeting requirements for efficiency and environmental safety.
PAPER REVISED: 2024-04-28
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2024-05-03
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