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Enhancing solar still distillation efficiency through integrated solar chimneys and submerged condenser systems

A solar chimney has been studied in this research to increase the efficacy of still convection currents. The usage of a condenser also improved the condensation process. Solar still condensers are typically made up of tubes through which salt water is pumped. But in the setup shown, water vapour was channelled through a series of pipes submerged in the ocean. Solar still is built and tested in real-world situations with solar as a standard. Evaporator (basin) area-based efficiency comparisons reveal that the still-equipped solar chimneys and condensers yielded 9.1% superior results. The mainstream of the yielded (61%) condensed in the solar still condensers, resulting in a production rate of 5.3 L/m2 d for the simple solar still and 6.2 L/m2 d for the modified still. This demonstrates that the evaporation efficiency of solar still and, by extension, its distillation efficiency improved by increasing convection and condensation.
PAPER REVISED: 2023-08-13
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-10-20
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