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Analysis of temperature characteristics of the plunger pair of the ceramic plunger pump for hemodialysis

Through the design of the ceramic plunger pump for hemodialysis, the mathematical model of the water film of the plunger pair of the ceramic plunger pump was built. The distribution characteristics of the speed and pressure of the water film of the plunger pair were analyzed, and the temperature distribution characteristics of the water film surface were obtained. The effects of inlet pressure, inlet temperature, rotational speed, and chamber temperature on the water film temperature of the plunger pair were studied. Experiments and analysis show that the closer the temperature of the plunger pair is to the inlet of purified water, the smaller the temperature change. The farther the ceramic plunger rod is from the inlet of purified water, the greater the temperature change, and the main influencing points are concentrated inside the plunger pair; Therefore, maintaining a certain amount of purified water temperature, pressure, and flow rate for lubrication is crucial for the service life of ceramic piston pumps.
Acknowledgment: Nanchang City science and technology major project Hongkezi [2023] No.137
PAPER REVISED: 2023-12-21
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2024-01-05
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