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Numerical calculation and analysis of temperature field in ultrasonic welding of PP dialyzer

Ultrasonic plastic welding is widely used in the bonding process of medical device accessories. In this paper, a thermo-force indirect coupling finite element analysis model was established in the ultrasonic plastic welding process between the blood cap and the shell of PP dialyzer. The temperature field distribution between the blood cap and the shell was simulated and analyzed by using finite element analysis software, and the influence of welding process parameters on the temperature field was studied. The results show that: by changing the ultrasonic amplitude parameters, welding time parameters, initial pressure, etc., the longer the ultrasonic welding time, the temperature of the welding area will increase. In order to ensure the quality of the dialyzer, it should be controlled within 0.8-1s. The increase of ultrasonic amplitude will make the welding temperature continue to rise, and in order to avoid poor welding, the amplitude should not exceed 120μm; The initial pressure has little effect on the temperature field.
Acknowledgment: In 2022, the central government guided local science and technology development fund project (No.2022ZDD03086) Nanchang City science and technology major project Hongkezi [2023] No. 137
PAPER REVISED: 2023-12-20
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-12-27
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