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Research on combustion visualization of coal-fired boilers based on thermal imaging technology

At present, there's a lack of combustion visualization in the combustion control of heating boilers. To understand the combustion of coal in the furnace, only experienced workers can observe it through visual inspection. Using infrared thermal imaging technology to monitor the combustion can realize combustion visualization. This paper analyzed and solved two problems: the installation position and number of infrared cameras, and the infeasible of using infrared cameras observing the combustion condition in the furnace through heat-resistant glass. Monitored parameters such as oxygen content, furnace temperature and smoke exhaust temperature, and monitored the concentration of PM, NOX, and SO2 in the main atmospheric pollutants in the flue gas. After calculation, the air leakage coefficient when the inspection doors are opened for observation is 0.04. This value still includes the sum of air leakage from coal hopper, furnace door, grate side seal, peep holes and other parts. The monitored average emission concentration of PM decreased by 16.28%, from which we can concluded that the use of thermal imaging technology to monitor the combustion in the furnace is conducive to emission reduction. The application of thermal imaging technology implementation of coal-fired boiler combustion visualization is feasible.
PAPER REVISED: 2023-07-11
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-09-18
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