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Analysing the effects of toluene percentages and EGR rates on spark-ignition engine performance and emissions

This study delves into the intricate dynamics of gaseous emissions in relation to varying parameters in spark-ignition engines: gasoline-toluene blending ratios, EGR rates, and spark timings. With increasing toluene concentrations, there was a consistent reduction in emissions, culminating in HC values of 67 ppm, CO at 0.6% volume, PM at 11 mg/m³, and NOx at 100 ppm for a 100% toluene blend. The implementation of EGR demonstrated its efficacy in mitigating NOx emissions, registering a decline to 60 ppm at a 30% EGR rate. However, the same augmentation in EGR rates witnessed an uptick in HC and CO emissions. Analysis of spark timings pinpointed an optimal advance of 30° CA bTDC at a 50% engine load, yielding minimized emissions. Conclusively, the research underscores the potential of fine-tuning engine parameters, such as fuel composition, EGR rates, and spark advance, to achieve a harmonious balance between engine efficiency and emission reductions. This study lays foundational data for further exploration and optimization in the realm of internal combustion engines.
PAPER REVISED: 2023-09-15
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-11-01
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