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Numerical investigation of conjugate heat transfer in a heat exchanger equipped with cross-combined ellipsoidal dimple tubes

At present, most numerical methods consider the tube walls as the same constant temperature in the simulations of the heat exchanger, and only the external fluid outside the tubes is considered. To investigate the heat transfer performance of the heat exchanger in the real running state, a conjugate heat transfer simulation is performed for a heat exchanger equipped with cross-combined ellipsoidal dimple tubes in this paper. The k-ε standard turbulence model is selected to simulate the heating process of tube bank. The distributions of the temperature field and flow field are analyzed carefully. The results indicate that the temperature distribution and the heat flux on the tube wall are uneven, which is different from the case regarding the wall boundaries as a constant temperature. The heat transfer performance of the dimpled tube is higher than that of the smooth tube in the heat exchanger, and the heat transfer performance for aligned arrangement is better than that for staggered arrangement. In addition, the influences of geometric and flowing parameters on heat transfer are discussed.
PAPER REVISED: 2023-07-12
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-10-05
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