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Natural nanofluid convection in rectangular porous domains

In this paper, the free convective flow and heat transfer in a porous rectangular enclosures filled with Cu-water nanofluid is studied and analyzed. The cavity sidewalls are exposed to a constant heat flux and the horizontal walls are assumed to be adiabatic. The governing equations describing the problem are solved using a finite difference method. The main parameters of our problem are: aspect ratio, volume fraction of nanoparticles, types of media, porosity of the medium and Rayleigh number. The results indicate that an increase in aspect ratio from 0.1 to 0.7 leads to a significant increase of Nusselt number, which then reaches a maximum value. However, the heat transfer rate progressively decreases for aspect ratios greater than 0.7. Moreover, the addition of Cu-nanoparticles weakens the heat transfer. As a result, when the porous medium has low thermal conductivity, the solid matrix porosity becomes particularly more effective in improving heat transfer. Also, a correlation was established between the average Nusselt number and the influencing parameters. Results show that the governing parameters impact the flow regime.
PAPER REVISED: 2023-07-12
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2023-07-17
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