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Flame characteristics influenced by the angle of burners for non-premixed C3GH8/air

The study of micro flame characteristics is an essential basis for developing micro combustors. Therefore, the non-premixed C3H8/air micro flame characteristics were experimentally studied. Flame length, flame shape and blow-out limit were studied by varyingthe equivalence ratio (Φ),the inlet velocity of C3H8/air (v)and angles of the burner. The results showed ignited non-premixed C3H8/air had 3combustion states: noflame, a stable flame, and a blow-out flame. Whether ignited non-premixed C3H8/air could form astable flame mainly depended on Φ and v. In addition, total flame lengths increased with the increase of Φ and v firstly. However, when Φ increased to a certain value, total flame lengths were independent of Φ and only affected by v. Moreover, flame length and shape were affected by the angle of the burner. Instead, the blow-out limit was found to be associated solely with Φ, but not the burner angle. The findings of this study provided fundamental data for the development of high-efficiency microcombustors.
PAPER REVISED: 2022-04-22
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2022-04-26
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