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In this study, soliton solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional reaction-diffusion equation are investigated by the extended Kudryashov method based on Riccati-Bernoulli approach. Firstly, we obtained the non-linear ordinary differential form of the (2+1)-dimensional non-linear reaction-diffusion equation by implementing the wave transformation. Then, the extended Kudryashov method has been presented and applied to the non-linear ordinary differential form. By applying the extended Kudryashov method the polynomial form has been gained, solution sets have been obtained and soliton solutions have been formed by taking the appropriate sets. Finally, some graphical representations of the gained results for instance bright, dark, kink and singular solutions are presented and commented. Within the scope of the article, the study on investigating the soliton solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional non-linear reaction-diffusion equation via the extended Kudryashov approach has not been studied and the obtained results have not been reported.
PAPER REVISED: 2022-09-22
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2022-10-17
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2022, VOLUME 26, ISSUE Special issue 2, PAGES [811 - 821]
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