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Exploring the mechanical properties and thermal cracking characteristics of rock under thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling in detail is of great importance for the safe excavation and stability of deep rock engineering. The mechanical properties and thermal cracking characteristics of granite under burial depths of 1000 m (confining pressure of 25 MPa) and 1600 m (confining pressure of 40 MPa) at a temperature of 110°C and a pore water pressure of 10 MPa were studied. The results show that the elastic modulus decreases with increasing temperature under a confining pressure of 25 MPa, whereas under a confining pressure of 40 MPa, the elastic modulus increases with increasing temperature. As the pore water pressure increases, the elastic modulus decreases slightly. Poisson's ratio increas­es with increasing temperature below 40°C but decreases from 50-110°C. Pois­son's ratio increases as pore water pressure increases. During the heating process, acoustic emission activity is first detected at 30-40°C and is relatively stable from 40-90°C. The acoustic emission activity increases sharply at 90-110°C, and the thermal cracking threshold of granite under thermo-hydro-mechanical coupling is approximately 95°C.
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PAPER ACCEPTED: 2021-07-12
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THERMAL SCIENCE YEAR 2021, VOLUME 25, ISSUE Issue 6, PAGES [4585 - 4596]
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