International Scientific Journal

Thermal Science Archive [volume 11, year 2007, Issue 3]

From the Guest Editors, issue 2007/3
Legislation framework for Croatian renewable energy sources development
Multi-criteria sustainability assessment: A tool for evaluation of new energy system
Renewable energy projects in Croatia: Present situation and future activities
A method for the long-term scheduling of hydrothermal power system with multiple user reservoirs
Co-generation: Increasing energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wind energy development as a part of Poland’s industrial development
Investigation study for technological application of alternative methods for the energy exploitation of biomass/agricultural residues in Northern Greece
Application of pilot technologies for energy utilization of agricultural residues in Northern Greece
Feasibility study and energy efficiency estimation of geothermal power station based on medium enthalpy water
Large-scale heat pumps in sustainable energy systems: System and project perspectives
An environmental LCA of alternative scenarios of urban sewage sludge treatment and disposal
Technical and economic aspects of waste heat utilization