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Distribution law for the danger area for spontaneous coal combustion in a dynamic goaf with low air leakage speed

This paper examines the relationship between the advancement of the working face and the distribution of spontaneous coal combustion under a low air leakage wind speed in a goaf. Based on the unsteady state simulation method, the process of spontaneous coal combustion was simulated in a fully mechanized coal mining face at different advancing speeds. The relationship between different advancing speeds and the distribution area of the oxidation zone of spontaneous coal combustion in a goaf was clarified. A safe advancing speed was determined. Furthermore, the advancement of the working face altered the area of spontaneous high temperature inside the goaf. An increase in the advancing speed increased the length of time of spontaneous combustion in the leftover coal. An exponential relationship was demonstrated between the spontaneous combustion area and the advancement of the fully mechanized mining face. When the oxygen concentration was used as a calculation indicator, the width of the oxidation zone was asymmetrical on the inlet and outlet, and the advancing distance of the working surface increased when the distance was shorter than 90 m and the return side was smaller than the inlet side. When the advancing distance was longer than 90 m, the width of the spontaneous combustion oxidation zone distribution remained unchanged. The study clarified the relationship between the distribution of the danger area for spontaneous coal combustion and advancing speed. This could provide a theoretical basis for the prevention and control technology of the spontaneous combustion of broken coal in a dynamic goaf.
PAPER REVISED: 2020-07-27
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-08-25
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