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Numerical study on the influence of platen super-heater on combustion characteristics in a 600 MW tangentially fired pulverized-coal boiler

Numerical simulations have been conducted to study combustion characteristics of tangentially fired pulverized-coal boiler. A 600 MW tangentially coal-fired boiler was used for investigating the effect of platen super-heaters on the temperature, species distributions and heat transfer. Two furnace models were established, whose difference lies in modeling super-heaters or not. Results show that modelling platen super-heaters is conducive to precisely predict the temperature, species (CO, CO2, O2) and heat flux in the platen zone and has a weak influence on these data in zones below the platen. Modelling platen super-heaters has little influence on the NOx prediction. Platen super-heaters obviously decrease heat absorbed by water-wall nearby and affects heat distribution coefficient of furnace.
PAPER REVISED: 2020-06-26
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-07-09
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