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A kinetic study of HKUST-1 for desulfurization applications

In this study, HKUST-1 prepared under solvothermal conditions and tested in desulphurization of model gasoline. The prepared HKUST-1 samples were characterized using surface area and pore volume analysis ( BET), powder X-ray diffraction( XRD), and Fourier transforms infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). The prepared HKUST-1 was used for desulphurization of model gasoline (thiophene with iso-octane), and the influence of the thiophene concentration, HKUST-1 dose, temperature, and contact time. The experimental results revealed that the sulfur content in model fuel was reduced from 1500 to 148.2 ppm (90.12% removal efficiency) for 4 hours contact time at 30 oC. In addition, an isotherm adsorption and kinetics study were performed for a batch process to understand the system equilibrium( i.e., the best fitting Langmuir isotherm or Freundlich isotherm). The kinetics study proved that the contained sulfur removal was best fitted by Pseudo-Second-Order Kinetics. Regeneration results show that the HKUST-1 has a reversible nature as an adsorbent. Therefore, HKUST-1 might be used as a promising adsorbent for removing thiophene compounds from gasoline.
PAPER REVISED: 2020-03-06
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-03-06
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