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Study on energy efficiency evaluation and influencing factors of ground source thermal energy management system operation

The paper combines the testing work of ground source heat pump systems, discusses the installation, use methods and test errors of various testing instruments, combines the field test experience, gives the main points of ground source heat pump energy efficiency testing; and according to the problems encountered during the test The faults with high frequency are analyzed, and the methods of fault diagnosis and troubleshooting are given. This paper uses the ground-source heat pump experimental platform to set up multiple sets of experimental schemes to study the impact of factors such as pipe diameter, single and double U, and flow rate on system energy efficiency. At the same time, it combines engineering cases to "large flow small temperature difference", "Imbalance" phenomenon is analyzed, and feasible solutions and suggestions are given. By analyzing the energy efficiency and benefits of actual engineering of multiple ground source heat pump systems, the paper concludes that ground source heat pump systems have a wider application prospect in a certain area of Hubei.
PAPER REVISED: 2020-01-16
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-02-01
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