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Research on computer centralized management system based on thermal energy data acquisition and display

The thesis discusses the thermal energy related theories and designs a thermal energy measurement and control system based on the AT89S52 microcontroller. Through the DS18B20 temperature sensor and DN20 flow sensor, the temperature and flow data are directly transmitted to the microcontroller. Calculate the value of heat energy consumed according to the formula, and display related information such as consumption, balance, temperature, time through the LCD display, and the system is provided with a voice warning prompt. The output signal of the one-chip computer passes the D / A, V / I circuit, and transmits the output signal to the electric regulating valve to control the opening degree of the valve to adjust the indoor temperature. Through CAN bus and non-contact IC card module to realize remote meter reading and user's prepayment function. System data is stored in the storage chip AT24C04A to prevent data loss. The prepaid heat meter cannot only solve the problem of heat consumption measurement in the heating system, but also greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of heating billing, eliminate errors, omissions, and other issues, and provide a scientific, timely, accurate, and reasonable civilian heating system. Thermal energy billing, charging, and control provide effective tools.
PAPER REVISED: 2020-01-15
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-01-29
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