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Analysis of heat and mass transfer mechanism during thermal energy storage and temperature regulation

To strengthen the heat and mass transfer capacity and improve the temperature regulation rate, potential storage is taken as the research object in this research to study the heat energy storage of the battery in the low temperature environment. Lattice Boltzmann method is adopted to study the heat energy storage influence mechanism of the temperature regulation system of the low temperature phase-change materials. In addition, the influence of different physical parameters (thermal conductivity and latent heat of phase change) on the thermal insulation of the system in the process of temperature control is revealed. The results show that the mechanism of heat and mass transfer in the process of heat storage and temperature control is related to the different physical properties of phase-change materials. The decrease of thermal conductivity and the increase of latent heat of phase-change materials will greatly increase the effect of heat energy storage. Therefore, under the action of phase change latent heat, phase change material can effectively extend the holding time of the battery in the low temperature environment.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-12-28
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2020-01-16
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