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Electric hybrid control method of assembly line robot based on PLC

With the development of modern industry, manipulators have become a kind of mechanical equipment widely used in assembly lines, which not only can improve production efficiency and product quality, but also improve working conditions. Taking the polar coordinate manipulator in the automated assembly line as the research object, the PLC-based assembly line manipulator electrical hybrid control method is analyzed. The assembly line robot includes the base, the stepping motor to drive the rotation of the waist, the cylinder controlled arm and the gripper; based on the polar coordinate manipulator action requirements, FX2N series PLC is selected to analyze PLC-based stepper motor, pneumatic servo positioning device, pitch cylinder and gripper control method in detail. The components of the assembly line manipulator are organically combined by PLC to realize the electrical mixing control of the assembly line manipulator. The experimental results show that the assembly success rate and breakage rate of the assembly line robot controlled by the proposed method are 99.25% and 0.85%, respectively. The transmission performance and anti-noise performance are better than the comparison method, compared with the traditional method, this method has significant performance advantages in control accuracy, cost, practicability and so on and it has a good application prospect.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-08-28
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-09-05
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