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Enhancing performance of compression ignition engine fueled with diesel blends of linseed and cottonseed oil by optimizing its technological parameters

In this paper, an attempt was made to evaluate the performance of the fossil fuels in the modern world has tremendously increased. As the energy efficiency is greater than other fuel sources. For enhancing the sustainability, it is important to develop alternative fuels with properties similar to petroleum waste of these Bio diesel proofs to be a viable option to achieve good engine performance. In this pattern attempt was made to evaluate the performance of compression ignition engine which was fuelled using diesel blends of linseed oil and cottonseed oil. Important input process parameters were varied such as Load, time taken for consumption of 10 cc of fuel, Ratio of Bio diesel mixture. For achieving enhanced performance, a central composite design model was used to set the process parameter values for 20 sets of experiments. Accordingly, the experiments were conducted and the responses were recorded. Analysis of variance was used to evaluate the significance of the developed model. Optimization was done using response surface methodology for obtaining maximum possible brake thermal efficiency and least possible Hydrocarbon emission. The model was validated with validation experiments and it was observed that the error between the experimental and predicted values were less than 4% which indicated that the model was developed with very high level of predictability.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-05-12
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-06-03
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