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The effect of the heat recovery on fuel consumption in the stenter machine

In this study, the convective drying process on the stenter machine used natural gas as fuel was examined in terms of energy saving. The fuel consumption in the drying process of wool fabric with and without heat recovery from exhaust air of stenter was determined. It was shown that the fuel consumption in stenter can be decreased significantly by the use of heat recovery exchangers. According to the results minimum fuel consumption was observed at inlet drying air temperature of 180°C and humidity ratio of the exhaust air of 0,08 kgv/kga. In this condition fuel consumption decreased from 205.3 m3/h to 177.3 m3/h by using heat recovery exchanger. The fuel consumption of drying systems reduced by 13.6%.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-08-16
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-08-29
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