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Modeling of the hourly horizontal solar diffuse radiation in Şanliurfa, Turkey

Horizontal diffuse solar radiation has been calculated over various models by using the total radiation data obtained from the horizontal surface due to reasons such as lack of adequate measurements and expensive measuring instruments. In this study, the measurements were calculated using the obtained data between the years 2009 and 2016 from solar radiation measurement system with solar tracking system, which belongs to the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Şanlıurfa Harran University (Turkey). Three horizontal solar diffuse radiation models have been proposed by using the relationship between the diffuse radiation ratio and the clarity index obtained by 8 years' data. Horizontal solar diffuse radiation values were calculated and compared with the measurement data for Şanlıurfa by using 15 models of diffuse radiation given in the literature and the results obtained from the models. The statistical errors of the proposed models and 15 different diffusive radiation models were calculated. As diffuse radiation varies with time, it is determined that modeling of Model 1 and Model 2 obtained from Şanlıurfa data gives better results in terms of clarity index constraints. Furthermore, although the desired success cannot be achieved with Model 2 in terms of tstat, it has been determined that the relevant model provides better results than many models when compared to statistical errors. With the improvements to be made on Model 2, a local estimation model is thought to give better results.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-05-10
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-05-21
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