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Analysis of a debris flow after Wenchuan Earthquake and discussion on preventive measures

This paper addresses a debris flow disaster in Yingxiu Town after the Wenchuan Earthquake. Through Site investigation and data review, the geography and geological environment of the basin and the development, formation conditions and activity characteristics of the debris flow in the basin are analyzed. Calculate and analyze the characteristics of the debris flow, such as gravity, flow velocity and impact force. According to the management idea of combination of blocking and discharging, this paper proposes to arrange three blocking dams in the main ditch, construct drainage gullies in the downstream accumulation section, and prevent and control the aqueduct in the intersection of the main ditch and the G213 national road, which will be similar to the earthquake in the future. It is provided as a reference for research and prevention of the debris flow.
PAPER REVISED: 2018-11-28
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-01-27
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