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Thermodynamic research of jadeite jade at high temperatures and high pressures based on phase balance intelligent calculation

Based on the thermodynamic calculation of chemical composition and the intelligent calculation of phase equilibria, the temperature-pressure of the diagenetic environment of Burma jadeite-jade was studied, and its metamorphism was verified. The research method petrogenetic thermodynamics intelligent simulation has the advantages of without being limited by the experimental conditions, and it is benefit to get more information of rock formation with such large data simulation. The establishment of phase-relationship of jadeite is the important basis of both the explanation of relation between mineral composition and structure and acquisition of diagenetic conditions and evolutionary trends. Firstly, the Wkj value and activity of the four end-member of jadeite (Jd), augite (Acm), diopsite (Di), and hedenbergite (Hed) were calculated. In order to make the data more reasonable, the calculation starts from 500℃ with an increases by 10℃ as a step and starts at 300Kb with an increases by 10Kb as a step. Then, jadeite rock system was simplified as NCFMASH, and the equilibrium temperature-pressure conditions of both the combination of quartz and jadeite, sodium feldspar with little kyanite, and the combination of jadeite diopside, hedenbergite, kyanite, sodium-tremolite, tremolite and oblique zoisite were revealed as 751 centigrade with 17.0 kilobar and 631 centigrade with 18.8 kilobar. Based on the two kinds of mineral combination with a small amount of sodium mica (Pa), the balance of the system temperature should be in the range from 700 to 770 centigrade, and balanced pressure range should be in the range from 17.34 kilobar to 18.83 kilobar, which reflects the pure NCFMASH system hard rock type jadeite jade rock formation of the real balance temperature-pressure range. It is concluded that the metamorphism of jadeite rock has a stable growth equilibrium temperature-pressure range, which is the reaction interval of the closed system NCTNASH. It is explained that the reason that synthetic jadeite-jade reaches the gem level is that it has not been simulated as a mineral assemblage in the later stage and it will be subjected to multi-phase dynamic metamorphism after the rock forms, so it is unreasonable that jadeite synthesize is not just from one mineral crystals.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-01-25
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-02-05
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