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Structural optimization design and heat transfer characteristics of multi-degree-of-freedom spiral plate type agricultural machinery equipment heat exchanger

In agricultural equipment, heat exchangers are mainly used for heat exchange and full utilization. Based on the theory of enhanced heat transfer, we establish a reasonable mathematical model and physical model for the multi-degree-of-freedom spiral plate type agricultural machinery heat exchanger, and use the FLUENT numerical simulation software to add the spiral disturbing fluid to the spiral plate heat exchanger flow channel. Numerical simulation and further optimization simulation of the fluid-conducting conditions with poor heat transfer effect were carried out, and an optimal arrangement of two kinds of spiral-shaped turbulent fluids with constant curvature and variable curvature was determined. The heat transfer effect of the fixed-curvature spiral-shaped disturbing fluid is superior. Further optimize the structure of the disturbing fluid. When the diameter of the disturbing fluid increases, the heat transfer can be enhanced; thus, the diameter of the disturbing fluid plays an important role in enhancing the heat transfer effect.
PAPER REVISED: 2019-01-15
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2019-10-20
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