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Experimental study on R1234yf heat pump at low ambient temperature and comparison with other refrigerants

In this paper, an integrated vapor injection compression heat pump system using R1234yf and R32, R410A, R22and R134a as working fluids was developed, and their heating performances under low ambient temperature were quantitatively evaluated. An experimental bench was built to test the system's working performance. The condensing temperature, evaporating temperature, power input, and other variables were analyzed to evaluate the system's heating capability and energy efficiency. Test results showed that the R1234yf system can run at the evaporating temperature of -20°C, but its heating Coefficient of Performance (COP) was 5% lower than R134a; The R1234yf vapor injection system provided very significant performance improvements for heating performance compared with no vapor injection: the heating capacity and heating COP can be improved by 14.3% and 11.7%, respectively.
PAPER REVISED: 2018-06-07
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2018-07-07
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