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Numerical study of turbulent MHD convection of molten sodium with variable properties in a square cavity

In this study, the finite volume method is used to simulate the turbulent natural convection in a square partitioned cavity. In this paper a fluid flow with Pr = 0.01 and Rayleigh numbers Ra = 106 and 107 in the presence of a magnetic field is investigated. The fluid properties are function of temperature. A parametric study is carried out using following parameters: non-dimensional different partition position from 0.2 to 0.6, non-dimensional different partition height from 0.1 to 0.4 and different Hartmann numbers from 0 to 200. It is found that Nusselt number is a decreasing function of partition height (Hp) and Hartmann number and the non-dimensional position of partitions (Dp) affects on streamlines and isotherms. It is observed that at Ra=106 and Dp=0.6 the Nusselt number is maximum and as Ha increases the Nusselt number tends to a constant number. Also at Ra=107 and Dp=0.4 the variation of mean Nusselt number for different partition heights is more different than the other cases. Also the Nusselt number at Hp=0.4 is nearly half for Dp=0.4 in comparison with the other cases.
PAPER REVISED: 2018-02-04
PAPER ACCEPTED: 2018-03-03
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